Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Friend in Good Times and Bad

It seems that every where we go today there is bad news. The economy is crashing, our government is mixed up, many people are out of jobs, etc. A lot of people are feeling discouraged and hopeless. I was talking to a friend about it one day and said "It's a good thing we have prayer or it would be hard to get up in the morning". She told me that it sometimes seemed like her prayers were falling on deaf ears. I ran across this little poem and thought it was fitting for the times that we are living in. It has a wonderful message of hope and faith that God is always there for us if we will trust in him and let him guide our way. I hope you enjoy it!


I've heard it said that God shuts His eyes

To misery and human woe.

That He is deaf before the cries

Of all His children here below.

And though at times it does appear

That evil triumphs over good.

How little faith if I should fear

To trust Him when He said I could.

It may be true a kindly deed

Puts not a penny in my purse.

And yet by every code and creed,

It never made me any worse.

And if some dreams do not come true.

And if some plans may turn out wrong,

Each new day holds a joy or two,

That I may purchase for a song.

I do not have to give account

For disappointments and for tears,

But I must pay in like amount,

For shallow mind and wasted years.

The doubter scoffs, the cynic smiles,

But what is that to me.

When my companion through the miles,

Is such a one as HE.

How many times I've called His Name

And found Him by my side.

Forgiving all, absolving blame

That others have denied.

So let them say God does not care,

I know it is not true,

For there is no one anywhere,

Who can do what God can do!

Grace E Easley


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