Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rodeo Woes

Want a rodeo but your horses are indisposed? In Utah, lack of horses for a rodeo are just a small little bump; any problem can be solved. So what's the answer? Hobby horses!

When a herpes outbreak required that the horses for a few of Utah's rodeo shows be quarantined, rather than cancel the shows (which would have made a whole lot of sense) Utah decided that the show must go on! They required their rodeo queens to prance around the arena using stick hobby horses. Oh my! Poor girls. Though they were the victims of somebody else's bad joke (or stupidity, you decide), they handled it well. Instead of forfeiting or throwing a fit, which I probably would have done, they cowgirled up, performing their routines without their noble steeds.
No one can ever say that Utah doesn't get things done!

Click this link to watch the video. It's a good place to go for a bit of a laugh.
Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies -

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