Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independence Day Fun

Last weekend in the United States we celebrated Independence Day. We had a fun campout with our family that I wrote a poem about. I hope you enjoy reading it and getting a glimpse into our lives.
Independence Day Camp Out
The word went out to everyone's delight
Grandpa's holiday camp out was now in sight!
The children were as excited as can be
They would get to have fun all weekend you see!
The days and weeks very quickly passed.
Independence Day was here at last.
The family started coming from near and far.
They came in their motor homes, trucks and cars.
They set up their trailers, canopies and tents.
They were as busy as a colony of ants.
Soon, everything was set up and the fun began!
The children found each other and off they ran.
They dug in the sand and played house under the trees,
While their parents visited under the large canopies.
Volleyball, horseshoes, and lawn games were fun to play.
Truck rides, bike rides and hiking also filled the day.
Just when we were getting sticky in the HOT summer sun,
Grandpa made snow cones and popcorn to refresh everyone.
We all ate like kings with food galore,
Hamburgers, hot dogs, dutch oven and more.
When night time came, there was still more to do,
Bon fires, marshmallows and fireworks too.
Like all good things, this soon came to and end.
The time had come to say good bye to our friends.
How blessed we are, I really must say,
To get to spend our holiday in such a grand way!

In the days since our camp out, I have been reflecting about how important this holiday is to me. It is not only about camp outs, barbecues and fireworks. Independence Day represents the freedoms we enjoy in this country. I realized how blessed I was to have the right to gather with my family and friends and to choose the activities that I wanted to do. It is wonderful to be able to choose where I want to work and live, where I go, and what I do each day. I realized how grateful I am for the freedom of speech that allows us to write our blog and share our stories with you. Most of all, though, I have been thinking how grateful I am for the freedom to worship God the way that I believe is best for me!
It is my hope, for all of you, that your lives are filled with plenty of family, friends and fun activities to enjoy. Most importantly, I hope you are happy, safe and able to enjoy the same freedoms that we are blessed with here in the United States! LET FREEDOM RING!

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