Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Puppy Love

My sister recently got a new puppy. She named her Sophie. This dog is absolutely adorable, but she is in the bite stage and likes to bite kids that get too close or that upset her. Despite that, my 20-month old son is absolutely smitten with her.

Sophie came camping with us a few weekends ago. All the kids loved her and played with her, but I did notice when a few of the kids got too close she tried to nip at them. Not my son. He sat next to her, playing with her, sharing cookies (which I wasn't too pleased about), and just loving her up. The little dog took it all in stride. She let him play with her ears, her muzzle, her head. She let him feed her bark (which he tried to eat after stuffing in her mouth) and cookies. It was hilarious to watch! Truly, it looked torturous to be in her position, but she didn't mind one bit. I have a feeling a new baby/puppy relationship is in the works. Here are a couple pics of my baby and Sophie:


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