Friday, August 19, 2011

School Lunch Ideas

One of the challenges parents face when school starts is what to feed the kids for lunch.  Because school lunch isn't always affordable or nutritious, many children are taking sack lunches to school.  It takes some creativity and planning to come up with nutritious foods and snacks that don't require heating and that our children will enjoy. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

1. Peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread.
2. Deli meat and cheese sandwich.  (Dont forget the green leaf lettuce for extra nutrition)
3. Pre-cooked chicken drum sticks
4. Chicken wrap
5. Cheese Stick
6. Organic baby carrots
7. Pre-cut fresh veggys /with ranch dip
8. Celery sticks filled with homemade flavored cream cheese (See Recipe for Cheese ball posted August 17)
9. Apple slices
10. Grapes and other misc. fruit.
11. Fruit salad made with fresh fruit and real whipping cream
12. Banana Bread
13. Banana Bars
14. Granola Bars
15. Popcorn
16. Fruit cups (sweetened with real fruit juice)
17. Yogurt
18. Bagels and cream cheese
19. Crackers
20. Baked chips
21. 100% juice
22. Salad
23. Bananas
24. Applesauce
25. Organic animal crackers (you can find these at Costco)

Not all of our items are completely nutritious, but overall, we have tried to stay away from white flour, white sugar, High fructose corn syrup and with the exception of the chips and ranch dip, we have also tried to avoid foods that have MSG in them.  We have also selected foods that can be kept cold in a thermal lunch bag with an ice pack inside. 

*You can really be creative with the cheese for the celery sticks.  You can use our recipe for the cheese ball or make up your own.  You can add taco seasoning, salsa, garlic, or bacon bits just to name a few.

*The chicken wraps are easy to make.  Put some butter, ranch or other dressing on your tortilla.  Put a layer of chicken, lettuce, peppers, olives etc. on your tortilla.  Start on one side and tightly roll it up together.  Wrap in plastic wrap.(This can also be made with other kinds of meat.)

*Some schools are nut free schools because of students that have severe allergic reactions to nuts.  Be sure to check with your school before sending foods that are made with nuts.

We hope these ideas will help you plan a fun lunch menu for your children that they will enjoy throughout the year. Also,  we would love to hear your awesome school lunch ideas if you would like to share them with us in our comment section.

***Look for school lunch recipes, information on thermal lunch bags, and where to buy a good hot food thermos which will greatly improve your lunch menu by allowing you to send dinner left-overs and hot soups.

The Boost Team

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