Monday, July 11, 2011

Amazing Birds

While working the other day, I heard a bird outside the window chirping a cheerful song.  I was an hour into the second half of my work day and was kind of dragging a bit.  Hearing that beautiful song not only made me feel happy, but I was also surprised to note that it seemed to give me energy.  It gave me the boost I needed to finish out my work day. I have always had a love for birds, but I had never thought before about what a wonderful gift our Heavenly Father gave us when he put birds on the earth for us to enjoy.

Each spring, I wait in restless anticipation for the first Robin to appear, and I love to hear the beautiful Meadowlark's uplifting melody as I go about my day during the summer. There are also few things that compare to the majesty you see when an eagle or a hawk flies through the sky and suddenly dives to the ground to catch its prey.  Yes, even the annoying squawking of all the Magpie's that wake me up in the morning add spice to life.  Thank heaven for these amazing creatures that add color, music and joy to the world!

Robin Red Breast


Bald Eagle



Sorry about the message in the Magpie pic.  I tried to get one without it, but couldn't get it to copy. I think I know where all of the magpie's are, though.  I have tons of them living in my yard!

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