Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Founding Father's Four Steps to Success

Over the fourth of July weekend, we at Boospire spent some time reflecting upon the events that led up to our country receiving its independence.  We realized that the founding father's did more than just help our country become free.  They set a precedent that can be used as a guide in the lives of every person in the world.  The first thing they did was to make the decision that being under the rule of England was not working for them. They knew they had to take action!  Secondly, they set their intention by deciding a course of action.  Next, they declared their intention to the world.  It was interesting to us to remember that the Declaration of Independence was sent out to the world long before we were actually free from England's rule.  The battle still had to be fought, but because of much sacrifice, determination, prayer and divine intervention, the victory was theirs.

We at Boospire realized that the steps they took are universal steps for success.  They are as follows:
1. Make a decision
2. Set your intention
3. Declare your intention to yourself or others
4. Take action

All of us can use these same steps, not only to declare our independence from the things that are not working in our lives, but also to set, work on and achieve goals that will improve our lives. These things might include becoming independent from our addictions to food, chocolate, goodies, soap operas, facebook etc, or even becoming independent from a controlling husband, parent or child.  These same steps can be used to lose weight, follow an exercise program, keep our houses clean, or any other thing we would like to accomplish in our lives.  It is our hope that all of us wonder women ( and supermen) can learn from our founding father's example and create the lives we have always dreamed about.

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  1. Wow! I LOVE this blog! Very inspiring! Great Job! I will definitely be exploring your blog more.

    The part about addictions to food coincides with my blog, JOURNEY TO NEVER FOOD. It's all about exploring the possibility of becoming independent of the NEED for food. What if we could eat JUST for PLEASURE, but not NEED it?