Friday, July 15, 2011

Positive Affirmations

We at Boospire have been learning many things during the past few years about the Universal laws.  One of these laws is the law of attraction.   We have learned that all things in the universe are made of energy, and energy is affected by positive and negative vibrations. We have found that positive attracts more positive and negative attracts more negative.  Using positive affirmations, imaging, thinking and prayer has resulted in many wonderful things happening in our lives.  These include better health, more income, a bigger and nicer home, better relationships etc.

It is our goal at Boospire to have our site affect all of our readers in a positive way, so we decided to post one new affirmation a week that will help all of you create the positive circumstances in your lives that you desire.  The best way we have found to use these affirmations is to repeat them over and over  again throughout the day.  One hundred or two hundred times a day works great, but it isn't necessary to stress over how many times you say them as long as you say them every time you think of it. It helps to say them with great energy and excitement.  Also, it is a good idea to replace any negative thoughts with a positive one.

We hope that you will have fun with these affirmations and that they will help you attain all of your heart's desires.

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