Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Birthday Bear

My little girl just enjoyed her 5th birthday.  One of the presents I bought for her was a Build a Bear craft kit that I picked up at my local Michael's craft store.  This fun, little kit came with everything we needed to make a stuffed bear including a pre-cut bear that only had the head sewn together, a plastic needle, floss to sew it together with, polyester stuffing, clothes and accessories for the bear to wear after it was made, and a prestuffed little heart to sew inside the bear. The body of the bear had pre-punched holes around the edges that made it simple for my daughter, with a little help from me, to sew the bear together.  She really enjoyed watching it come to life as she put the stuffing and the little heart inside the body she had just sewn. She also had fun getting it dressed after she was finished.

  This kit was a very fun gift to give my daughter because it gave us a memorable little project to do together. We really enjoyed making this bear! She loved it because it gave us quality time together and because sewing her own bear made her feel like a big girl. I loved it because it was so simple and well thought out.  The $12.99 price tag also made it very affordable and appealing to me.  These kits come in about six different styles and colors, one of which is actually a bunny instead of a bear.  I am sure I will be making more of these!


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