Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. I was going to post a quote of the day specifically geared toward father's, but my mom beat me to it. She's more on top of things than I am. Good thing! But still, considering the role our father's play in our lives, I felt that they deserved to be honored on our site. So, with that in mind, here is my tribute to the Supermen that help shape us into Wonder Women.

                                              What is a Father?
When you're a baby, a father is a powerful force, protecting you from the world.
When you're a toddler, a father is a playground, a place you're guaranteed to find fun.
When you're a schoolgirl, a father is a teacher, nudging you on to the path of life.
When you're a teen, a father is a ruler, firmly but lovingly keeping you in line.
When you're grown, a father changes. He's still protecting you from the world; he's still a place to go for fun; and he's still a teacher. But he's no longer a ruler. Now, he's a friend. He's protecting you, loving you and guiding you, but mostly, he's there for you. He's a safe haven. He's strength when you think you have none; he's knowledge when you know you're without; he's everything you need, even though you may not know you need it.
To all father's out there, we love you. Thank you for the role you play in our lives.

*** I have to say, this tribute is for father's, but I feel mother's deserve the same. And since we weren't here for Mother's Day, this is my shoutout. Thank you mothers for molding us into the women we are today. For being Wonder Woman and giving us the strength to follow in your steps.****


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