Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Very Special Gift

Since it is Father's day, I thought I would share a Father's Day poem I wrote for my dad many years ago. My dad has had a huge impact in my life.  He passed away a few years ago, so he is not here today to honor.  I am missing him!  I am posting this as a tribute to him, and to all of you other amazing dad's out there.  Thank you for your wonderful influence in our lives! 

My Very Special Gift

Before I was born
Our dear Father knew,
My decisions and trials
Wouldn't be few.

So he gave me a gift
To help me along.
To guide me and teach me
To choose right from wrong.

With this blessing to me,
I was sent on my way,
And was given to you
On a cold New Years Day.

All through my life
This gift I have cherished,
Without which I know
I soon would have perished.

My gift is a friend
So unselfish and kind.
When I asked for his help,
He never did mind.

I wrote this to thank you
For all that you do.
For this special gift, Dad,
Is none other but you.

                                                       ~ Elizabeth

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