Friday, June 17, 2011


Have any of you heard of planking, the latest craze? Apparently it's getting quite popular... following a similar pattern as Parkore a few years ago. Parkore required way more skill than planking, although planking does have the potential to considerably work your core, if you do it right. Still, if you want to join a fad that's taking the world by storm and you don't want to hop around like a jackrabbit or you don't have the ability to jump up walls or hop ten feet from building to building, than planking is for you. All you have to do is lie down on a horizontal surface, keep your head down, hold your arms tight to your side, and have somebody take a picture. Congratulations. Now you're planking. Some people plank on countertops (seriously, how hard is that? Go take a nap). Other people plank on flagpoles (very interesting. That would take some skill). Still others put their chest on one object and their ankles on another and suspend themselves a few feet off the ground (those are kind of neat as well, and they do take some skill. Kudos to them).
While making fun of the fad one day, I had my kids do some planking. Sure their bodies aren't exactly horizontal and their arms are airplaned out instead of glued to the side, but since I was making fun of it, I figured what they were doing was good enough to count. Besides, they're five and three. They did their best.

My kids.... planking.

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